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S A B is a philosophy project where I spotlight and study various mind and life related questions - in science and intellect related methods, reason rather than emotion, not allowing any bad prepared, impulse based information. Main topics I care about: aesthetics, ethics, information theory, various social, economics issues; philosophy of life, mind, nature. I prefer empirical knowledge in most cases, not transcendence. Besides studying and writing philosophy, I'm the creator of mjttnetworkmusic.ru and author of more than 140 full-length eclectic music albums and so I think I ought to say something about art and aesthetics although I'm more interested in the information theory and philosophy of life these days.

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Various General Philosophy Aphorisms and Short Essays 2018-2020 | Native Version (RUS)

Last time updated: 21 May '20

21 May, 2020

Future Medium Point

Example: "I see no countries and money in far future but what is in the middle? Systems like modern centralized governments and countries, also money with their streams representing resource distributing structures, all have a lot of various deep and hidden defects and so it's quite predictable that many of those will be replaced in future by something with more perfected."
In this thought I see a typical brain related process of finding a top-ideal from which it is often specifies and assigns the movement and goals of all below related mechanisms.
Ideals are really interesting but this time I want to focus my attention on the fact that we frequently lose keys points distributing the flow directly onto conceivable object rather than trying to see a middle point of moving to that "final" destination, that one always gives us much more benefits advantages.
Moreover, if we displace any thoughts in the middle point itself, then any ideal may waste any real good connections with the reality too. It's well know what may be hidden in such situations when brains lost connections with the reality: mad peoples are just like a broken computer, no sense, no use - direct way to disappearance.
So, medium and future, both ideals are necessary, the second gives the point to move to, the first gives the road to start walking from.
As from the above example where I said I saw no governments in future, for me, it seems that we'll have something more stable and efficient like decentralized organizations systems with various equal responsibilities and reflections, and so on with a brand new resources distributing systems avoiding money flows and other. Sounds interesting, but, how could we get there? By one big great jump? Never.
At this moment any well conditioned and fine tuned mind starts modulating and analyzing by gathering all possible information and its relates placing them on an artificial structure and stimulation any possible variations and ways of moving such situations and information on the field. In our case we straightly see that despise of, as it might be obvious for modern world of globalization, we see no less countries but more! little countries and areas are trying to separate these days, that is being leaded by a human will to personal power and authority, and also by the fact the big centralized systems are very inefficient and that makes areas want to separate too. So, the world's still dividing rather than uniting. Based on that factual information what next? Something like a lot of countries? More and more little countries? And after? So this is the medium point of the described ideal of far future /no countries/ thought. A good practice to empower the mind is to focus it on the following, thought: what is in the middle. It's also impossible to be able to generate ideals and far away points, it's important to remember that those are often too far from reality and may not actually be performed to be true events. Yes, we're calculating machines.

3 May, 2020

Meaning harmony, background information harmonies

Quite often I see people agree with visual harmony (art, paintings, fashion), sound and material harmony (good music, good materials, nice cities). But there are some whole fields of harmony which often ignored - the meaning, or the information harmonies It goes and being placed straight into the central perception point of human's mind - in most cases, meaning harmony is the background of every other kind of harmony we see. It may consists of, say, in fashion, of such properties as IT LOOKS GOOD BECAUSE IT IS REALLY COMFORTABLE FOR THE BODY, or, THE MAN WHO WEARING IT REALLY FEELS INDEPENDENT AND FREE - THAT IS COOL AND ATTRACTIVE. Meaning harmony also very often is all around personal happiness. We must deal with the fact who we are actually and how we affect and being affected by the world around. For example, I see no any internal meaning harmony if I'm in the fact I work 5/5 in an office dealing everyday with the boss and everything - that is really not corresponding with my properties and I'll not be in harmony with any boss or office schedule as I know myself very well. Understanding the needs of freedom fields of my specifically personality I feel no harmony in that fact, similar to, for instance, "classic music is not good when mixed with any trance related beat".

14 Apr, 2020

What is "high system" terminology in real (about words)

When we're talking in terms of "highest developed system", or the "highest condition", it's typically means that something is better or best or more good. But actually, the true sense of everything we say about "highest", when we use that intellectual metaphor, is an additional floor up to the base. For example we often say "the highest quality" that generally means "the best". But in real that means the something has some long time with many things before it, got developed and became more complex with time. It's OK to say something like, "horizontal high: - if we percept time as a horizontal line from left (past) to right (future).

13 Jan, 2020

You, your thought, the "focus" momentum

I see we have two states of the thinking process: the one when we aware and realize that /I think/ and the second when thoughts flow without any focus, by its own. Why we determine this moment and how it affects the quality of a thought? First of all it's quite noticeable that the "focus point" moment is noticeably more expensive in terms of energy, that says for sure that it has some more detailed and deep view which cost us some additional and really expensive energy (all remember how hard and expensive it is - to study or to stay with the high quality focus on something). Also, if I focus the attention on my thought and being, I see it slowdowns a bit...

28 Dec, 2020

Why I choose minimalism way in most cases

When I speak about minimalism I always stumble upon the fact: minimalism distributes the information energy among the points around, allowing the most interesting pieces to get the most out of the top quality energy and focus power. That usually leads to more visible and well sensible perceptions and living. When dealing with the art and aesthetics, minimalism can accentuate the really important parts cutting away unnecessary ones, cleaning the road for more thoughts. In home, minimalism can save the attention on thinking and contemplation. In life and work, it can free your energy allowing the mind to have some space to "move" around, gathering new knowledge or compatibles ...